Supply Chain Management

If you seek strategic advantage!


The process of suppliers must be aligned with the buying process of the customer.  Even performance measurements must be customer driven, because the behaviour of the final customer ultimately controls the behaviour of the entire supply chain.  Verbum Consulting will help you manage the supply chain for your advantage, helping you increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction.  


 Verbum Consulting will help you with: 


  • Management of resources 

  • Management of products

  • Management of services and feedback 

  • Logistical needs of your company

  • Information from one end of the supply chain (upstream), to the other (downstream)  

  • Reducing freight costs

  • Develop tracking system for all shipments

  • Create a system for supplier performance evaluation


Every company has a supply chain, but not every company succeeds in managing their supply chain in a calculated way in order to make it work to their advantage.



Verbum Consulting, finding a tailored system for your needs