Preventive Maintenance 

Proactive rather than reactive


With an efficient Preventive Maintenance Program, you can ensure safety in your company and take full advantage of production uptime. What are the performance standards for your equipment?  Do you currently document preventive maintenance procedures and schedules?  Do you understand why breakdowns occur? Delaying the preventive maintenance plan costs money.   Verbum Consulting can help you get the right preventive maintenance plan in place.


Verbum can help you with:


  • Implementing an effective Preventive Maintenance System (PMS)

  • Measuring effectiveness of your present PMS

  • Determining if you need to purchase new equipment to improve efficiency

  • Minimizing scrap levels

  • Implementing safety requirements

  • Decreasing repair costs


Verbum Consulting helps you successfully make progress in the area of preventative maintenance by proposing clear-cut improvements to your company.  Much is accomplished in a company when the right preventative maintenance system is in place.  

Verbum Consulting, addressing problems - finding solutions