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Many businesses struggle with getting their orders out the door on time and often don’t know the real reasons why. There are many potential reasons that can cause late or short shipments:

  • Lack of capacity;

  • Excessive machine downtime;

  • Inaccurate finished good inventory;

  • Low first-pass-yield and high level of rework on finished goods;

  • Processes not optimized;

  • Wasting resources.

And the list goes on. What’s even more troubling is that many organizations haven’t yet identified the causes for their failure to achieve acceptable perfect-order-fulfillment rates.

Is your company struggling with some of these very same issues? Let Verbum Consulting help you “Do More with Less”! How? We apply principles of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management together in a harmonious way; creating effective solutions to issues you are facing, so that you can achieve the next step in your advancement.

Verbum Consulting – It’s about becoming stronger!