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Plan the Change or Change the Plan

Many projects fail to provide the projected results, not because they lack technical know-how or the application of those principles, but simply because the leadership fails to plan for change management.

Organizations that want to achieve success or remain successful cannot afford to remain static; they must change in order to keep up with an ever-evolving world. Even though the type and magnitude of the change required will be different for each organization and project, the principles of change management remain the same.

How the employees of an organization respond to change differs widely, ranging from “commitment” at one end, to “aggressive resistance” on the other. How the employees react to change determines their behaviours and, ultimately, the success of the overall project (e.g. reaction of “aggressive resistance” will develop behaviours to sabotage the project). When change is imposed from the top, it can lead to employee resistance; whereas a process that involves all interested parties as participants, can help build support for the change efforts.

By diagnosing problems, understanding their importance, and being part of the process of formulating solutions, people develop a sense of ownership over the outcome. That ownership over the outcome by the employees creates increased motivation to implement change and see it through in order to achieve the desired goals.

This is of course easier said than done. When the human factor is added into any equation as a variable, the results are never constant. This is where Verbum comes in, by helping organizations navigate through the change process in a way that will ensure the desired results are achieved. With years of experience in multitude of projects, Verbum applies the principles of change management and helps you by:

  • Implementing change in an orderly manner,

  • Minimizing costs,

  • Anticipating and minimize employee resistance,

  • Taking employees out of their comfort zones,

  • Monitoring results,

  • Education and communication.

Verbum Consulting, for an ever-evolving world