If not Now, When?

The Time is Now

Almost all organizations, at some point in their operations, have to deal with one kind of an emergency or another. The problem starts when “putting out fires” becomes the norm rather than the exception. In my experience, what I often see is companies being reactive rather than proactive. Some companies are so focused on “putting out fires”, that they are not able to take a big-picture approach.

The big-picture approach is indispensable in order to put in place foundational systems and processes that will allow you to minimize “fires” in the future. If we constantly ignore the critical because of the urgent, this will become our modus operandi. Why is it that you don’t want to put-off addressing your critical issues? Because you don’t want to sacrifice the future of your organization for the present.

It is understandable that in many companies there is a shortage of resources; and many often lack the required manpower or the talent pool to attend to the urgent and address the critical at the same time. This is when companies like Verbum Consulting become necessary. Verbum brings a fresh perspective to help organizations be more pro-active and start laying the foundations of well-designed and optimized processes.

If not now, when? Reminds me of a quote I read somewhere:

“Not now, becomes never”

Call us so we can help you bridge the gap and make sure there won’t be “fires” in your future!