ERP Selection & Optimization

Making the right choice

ERP Systems have been around for a long time and they are a crucial part of a company’s operations.  However, this does not mean that all organizations require an ERP System. Before making such a large investment, it is important to analyze the requirements of the organization in order to have a realistic assessment of whether an ERP system is needed or not.  


Do you know what to look for? Are you ready to take this big step? Verbum Consulting can help you assess your organization’s need for an ERP system and help you select the right one for your company.  Also, surveys show that many companies that have purchased expensive ERP systems end up not using the MRP or MPS modules.  The reasons for the inability to utilize these two essential modules (MRP & MPS) are mostly centered around data inaccuracy or data pollution.  Common factors that may cause data inaccuracy or data pollution in the ERP system are:


  • Inaccurate inventory;

  • Inaccurate supplier data (e.g. avg. & max lead times);

  • Non-standardized item code conventions and item specs;

  • Undetermined order quantities;

  • Inaccurate material usage data;

  • Inaccurate data entry or lack of data entry;


However, all of these causes are removable upon careful planning and execution of an ERP Optimization Project; companies can then reap the fruits of their investments and leverage their resources to create competitive advantage.  


Is your company struggling with some of these very same issues? Verbum Consulting is here to assist you every step of the way. 

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