Continuous Improvement

Identifying opportunities and setting goals for the long haul!


Continuous Improvement comes from the Japanese word ‘Kaizen’, meaning good change.  Verbum Consulting helps you empower your employees to solve problems, becoming active participants, so that your company can confidently make “good changes”.  


Verbum Consulting will coach your company on how to foster a mindset within the organization.  A mindset that encourages and motivates all team members, in order to continuously identify areas where it is possible to improve.  


Verbum Consulting’s services include:


  • Identifying initial areas requiring improvement 

  • Helping improve those areas

  • Training team members of all levels, from C-suite to production staff so that efforts will come to fruition.


If Continuous Improvement is taken as a one-time project, its effects will not be long lasting.  This is because by definition it needs to become a ‘continuous’ process in the company.   We can show you how!

Verbum Consulting, taming chaos!