As the founder and principal of Verbum Consulting, Arda leads our operations management practices in Canada.  He is responsible for Operational Excellence and focuses on helping implement streamlined manufacturing processes and management methods, that allow our clients to generate higher return on investments and attain workflow optimization in alignment with their strategic plans.  

After working in the USA, Turkey and Canada; Arda eventually decided to bring his knowledge into partnership with our clients.  He has extensive international experience on Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement; and has successfully worked in several industries. This combination of knowledge within culturally diverse environments and ample industry experience results in a valuable leader, who brings innovation and improvement to you, the client.  


Arda has offered advisory support to executives in several sectors.  In all his work, Arda seeks to help business leaders set strategic direction and achieve strong performance. This often involves increasing competitiveness and boosting operational performance.


Arda is passionate about identifying potential areas of improvement and finding solutions in order to make things easier and better for our clients.  His mission is helping companies improve as they journey forward, advancing confidently towards their vision.  Making progress then becomes effortless for your company, as obstacles are systematically recognized and removed; while steadily and confidently marching forward. 



Education & Experience


Arda holds multiple degrees and professional designations from prestigious institutions including: an Industrial Engineering degree, an MBA, Operations Management degree, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and Certified Supply Chain Professional designation as well as instructor credentials. Arda has been a guest speaker for industry events as well as trainer at company training events.


Some examples of his recent work include:


  • Achieved 97% error-free rate by creating fail-safe mechanisms in production systems to prevent non-conformances

  • Analyzed risk for each operations process, implementing mitigating actions that increased production at a bottleneck 50%

  • Implemented a 55 program, increasing work efficiency +40% and eliminating material loss

  • Re-organized the warehouse racking system, minimizing travel time and increasing rack-space utilization to ~85%

  • Designed a new manufacturing system, reviewing and approving specifications and issue-for-construction packages, coordinating work between engineering consultants, sub-contractors, and developers

  • Restructured the supply-chain process, decreasing inventory carrying costs +30%, while ensuring 100% perfect order fulfillment 

  • Created a shipping calculator optimizing cubic space and weight of skid configurations and reducing shipping costs 25%

  • Coordinated the implementation of new ERP software (SAP), liaising with the ERP provider and each department-head

  • Improved inventory accuracy from 55% to 99.9%, eliminating the need for year-end inventory counts

  • Implemented preventive maintenance program, increasing Critical Equipment Utilization Rate to 99.95% and decreasing “General Repair” cost +25%

  • Ensured compliance with all applicable ISO clauses for multiple clients

  • Helped a chemical manufacturing company by leading transformation and capability-building initiatives, including strategy-setting, recruitment, and developing goals for greater efficiency

  • Implemented an operational transformation and restructuring the production business for a leading company in Canada

Verbum then becomes the bridge!  The bridge that brings the knowledge and experience of a high caliber operations management professional, for the benefit of a small to medium company like yours.